Four Questions For Holistic Wellness

Fresh from college. I knew what I wanted because of my quest for my ‘why’.  To be honest, however, it’s hard to say no to a big paycheck over what you really want to do, especially if there’s a need for it. What I realized though is it’s okay to not always have the job that we want, only if, we know why we aren’t doing it at that point in time. (Read here for the idea of tradeoffs)

However, if you are like me whose more of “work for a living”  not “live to work”. These are my personal filter questions for ANYTHING I do. (for Road to #MillenialWellness)

1. Does the company align with my personal values?

 (Live | Nourish Your Soul)

This is often overlooked, but one of the most important. Remember, you will be spending your valuable time to render service day in and day out.

Ask yourself: What are the core values of the company? Am I okay not spending holidays at home or simply being told what to do?  (Check this article maybe you’re fit for an entrepreneur life) 

That’s why I love my Limitless and X-trm 1-11 (Leadership, Integrity, Family & Excellence)  team so much because our team’s values resonate mine.

2. Is it supportive of your physical wellness?

(Live | Take Care of Your Body)

Now that, we’re moving to the 21st century, most companies put a value on health.

Ask yourself: Do they offer gym memberships, nutritional allowance? Are you endorsing products that promote your health (hello FMCG lol) etc.


Very. My dad even said “You save the life out of your dad” #Icry. Found the solution for his hypertension. Check out  why you should take Proflavanol C  and why I love Rev 3 


3. Does the work allow you to connect with different people?

(Love | Love yourself & others)

Introvert or Extrovert, we all need  to have meaningful relationships with ourselves and others

Ask yourself: Will this work provide me with mentors that will encourage me to be better or am I stuck to learn everything by myself?


Learned so much from professionals in various fields. Love doctors, business people <3, even lawyers. I cry. They’re down to earth.

4. Does it allow me to gain new skills, try out new things or explore?

(Liberate | Sharpen your mind)

I know there are some organizations that provide external training to gain new skills Some even have allowances for it.

Ask yourself: What are the opportunities for growth in this work?

This is my favorite!! We only pay venue fee at Asian Institute of Management from trainings of Francis Kong, Anthony Pangilinan #grateful. All these applicable to widen thy business perspective ❤


So there, that’s my take. I’m sure you have your own filter questions. Do let me know in the comments below. Let’s all get to that #MillenialWellness stage together ❤

3 thoughts on “Four Questions For Holistic Wellness

    1. Thank you. It’s really more of disciplining yourself to do something that will be good for you in the long run. A small step is already a progress. Good job! Do share with us how you manage it daily if you find time

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